Become a Volunteer!

The Social Climate Association is Looking for New Term Volunteers!

For over 2 years now, we have been experiencing a pandemic that has further increased existing inequalities, failed to achieve a lasting improvement in global emissions even when the whole world was quarantined, and the climate crisis has reached an increasingly unpreventable scale. Although at first glance we may think that we are facing a pessimistic picture, it is in our hands to change this picture. If you want to walk with us on this path, contribute to saving our planet, hand over a livable world to future generations, and make a difference while raising awareness, you can volunteer at the Social Climate Association.

What Do Social Climate Association Volunteers Do?

By participating in capacity building trainings; they improve their knowledge and skills in the working areas of the association.
Participate in working groups and develop trainings, projects and partnerships.
Contribute to the organization process in the open announcement events of the association.
Fulfill the tasks assigned to them on a monthly basis through the volunteer management system (reading recommended books, watching documentaries, doing research, etc.).
We collect the applications in our pool and contact you at certain periods according to the existing projects.